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A Recycle Journey Brings the Timeless Depth of Redesign

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Style, originality and creativity are inspiring qualities in a home, the feeling of intimacy created just for enjoyment surrounds the house. So can we say that; is there a special formula for creating a warm, friendly and comfortable home? Usually, it is best to listen to our intuition and try to catch touches that refresh our souls.

There’s a reflection of the redesign. It’s “Kilim” brings the unity of the feelings, to make any place looks timeless. Usually associated with rugs, kilim is a fabric handcrafted by special flat weaving techniques passed down through all the generations. “Kilim” is a word of Turkish origin, means “to spread roughly.” The art of kilim is evolved in cultural practices, with weaving methods varying among families and regions. The roots of the kilim is not only seeded in Turkey, and also North Africa, Central Asia, and areas of the Middle East. Wool is the mainly material used to produce kilim, tho cotton is occasionally refined. Each Kilim piece has its own unique design that carries the beauty and art together, and it makes any living space desirable when you look at the way how they come to life. Each kilim cushion cover has the work of effort and warmth for which making these authentic pieces extremely precious. They’re also multi-functional pieces crafted to be enjoyed for many years. Like in our collection; you can see both bohemian and tribal style. Those pillows are recycled from kilim rugs, 100 % made of natural wool and totally handmade. Authentic, artisan-crafted recycled. kilim pillows have a fantastic texture which you can see and feel. You can use those pillows orientating with seats, both for your indoor interior or even to add a personality to your patio. coloured natural wool textured among traditional patterns affordable treasures for your home. Click Here and see our collection of Recycled kilim cushion covers

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