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Artisan by MF

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Artisan by MF is about unique, selective home décor and design. Home décor is usually looks as though they cost a fortune, but don’t, really.

Our love for design lead our way. We are being travelled through different cultures by the passion of learning about new materials and meeting artisans and the touches of their work. Thus we believe there is a design in each element and in each story. It is what makes us unique, like our fingerprints, emotions and experiences.

From the beginning of our first interaction, always eager to learn and adapt to different cultures. Touching lives, touching life itself with passion, exploring, testing and developing materials in creative way.

Like our paths crossed through love, we include love in everything we touch, design, create and imagine. Establishing long-lasting relations and partnerships with artisans to fulfil customised unique demands to our clients and projects. Artisan by MF was born after years of successful interior design and home decor projects those made with dedication to a never ending learning process, which still makes us able to trigger our creativity.

As a down to earth company, we truly recognise the responsibility on us to do what we can responsibly, eco-friendly, fairly to help the environment as possible. Our focus on to design /provide products that will last in recycle process to benefit the owner and mother-earth we live in and are responsible for.

More so, we believe in the value that diversity brings to all of us together as artisans, We see the soul behind the eyes, like we see the art through the design and touch of the artisan.


Content writing by: Duygu

Edited by: Artisan team.




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