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French and Scandinavian farmhouse , chic-farmhouse style, and the new modern farmhouse style!

Often, farmhouse styles are thrown into the same decorating category. This is because most styles focus on natural materials, comfortable furniture and a cozy feeling.

Farmhouse styles are known for being elegantly discreet and uncomplicated. They are styles that are made for rural houses and cottages. However, there is a transition that is driving decorators one step ahead and bringing those styles into the cities. It is the increasing need of clients and customers to be in touch with nature and the ever-growing love to nature and natural materials. The cozy comfortable furniture has made the farmhouse style much more famous and has found its way into residential, hospitality and commercial projects. not only in rural areas, but also in the city.

Boutique hotels, grand hotels, apartments and restaurants are seeking more and more the look and the feeling of the farmhouse style. Either its the modern or rustic farmhouse style, French or Scandinavian farmhouse style. decorators, customers and property owners they just love it.

Farmhouse styles they create an inviting feeling to the space and they certainly give originality and personality for every corner.

As an artisanal home decor brand, we procure, create and up-cycle natural materials that offers you and the space the desired originality. it is the story that lays within the process of making. its the blend of the "wrinkled" aged items that are transformed into todays feeling to creating a timeless artisanal piece that could tell many stories if to speak.

Afurada - Portugal

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