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Green Christmas

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Green and Cosy Christmas

Green Christmas touches our souls. for an extra happiness with extra care to mother nature with sustainable home decor

This Christmas is like no other. The spirit is greater than we’ve seen before, minds has fully awakened to appreciate and love Mother-Earth. It’s of the few yet major positive wave from the pandemic. People are going more and more to eco-friendly materials and getting more green ideas for this Christmas. How so?

Many have steered their way of living and joined hands for nature. For instance, we hear more and more people who are looking forward to planting Christmas trees in their yards rather than buying one! That’s great right! Also, when it comes to gifts they are becoming more thoughtful and less materialistic. even the gift wraps exists in recycled materials and are recyclable and reusable.

Floor cushion, poufs, cozy living room with floor pillows. sustainable home decor

Shoppers are buying smart by thinking green, and big number of shoppers are aiming to support artisans and fairs. They are looking for unique, hand-made, recycled and natural gifts. And when it comes for dressing up your space and making its decoration ready to receive our beloved ones, many are setting up their decoration with more natural or recycled home decoration elements. Natural material they surely add style and personality to the space.

an original long lasting gift. plant a tree on the name of your friend, beloved ones and family

We’ve been also hearing great ideas of family activity for this Christmas, such as:

Nature Restoration Activity

Planting a small tree together that symbolises the value of nature. A valuable time spent with family enhancing nature by cleaning up some forests or a public garden. A memorable hour nicely spent with family reminding our beloved children of the importance of our surroundings and how is it essential for the balance of life on earth.

Decorate a Tree for the Birds

Another great experience to share with children, specially during winter time when it’s more difficult for birds to find food. You can place seed or pine cones with peanut butter, and seed trays on any tree in your yard, preferably a tree in the open to attract a wide variety of birds.

Merry Green Christmas,

Artisan by MF

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