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A Sophisticated Savannah: Cushions Can Be So Much More!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Imagine having a savannah garden, every morning getting up to look at the botanicals and the colors of the beautiful animals. A refreshing way of bringing details to your home furnishings and decor, you shouldn’t be underestimating the power of decorative cushions.

Pillows can brighten up your living space, bed sheets, floor seating and your outdoor furniture. It actually can brighten any space. They reflect your personal style, and delicately transform the whole vibe of your interiors into a savannah garden. They can totally be a breath of fresh air in your space. Not just comfort essentials for your indoor or outdoors, cushions can be so much more! Like with our unique Savana Botanical Collection, you can bring a legendary story into your space. The tiger comes from the fables where he reflects the history of freedom and unity. Where other figures splash of fairy tale-worthy style for any space. In a wonderful tangle of tiger hidden behind the bushes pop off the beige tanned coloured background that is made of natural linen textile. Additional features of these Savana Botanical Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Covers includes a contrast cord with an eyeful animals among a floral design.

Undoubtedly, the living room is one of the most important points in home decoration. When it comes to change in living room decoration, furniture, lighting, pillow covers do not come easily. You can easily give your living room a bold style with decorative Savana Botanical pillow covers. You can delightfully add a different, aesthetic atmosphere with these eco-friendly and beautifully crafted cushion covers which are a touch of class that will last for years. We know that pillows are indispensable in our living rooms. Because while they increase the comfort of the sofa, they are extremely useful products that add elegance to the living rooms. The color of the wall, the accessories you use, your furniture, the color of your sofa, its texture and many other factors can become a criterion that affects this choice.

Your guests and friends get fascinated when they see those unique, 100% linen and Made for Artisan by MF décor creations in your home. If you want your home to look sophisticated and stylish, all you have to do is pick a right pair that suits your interior theme. With the eye-catching texture and excellent color combinations, such décor accessories are an elegant way to indulge your home. Feel free to bring Savana Botanical collection anywhere in your home; a couch, bed, reading a book, you will even love to snuggle with those!

Content writing by: Duygu

Edited by: Artisan team.

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