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New Year, New Beginnings! Holiday season is here!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Make memories with extra thick cushions for floor.

New Year, New Beginnings! Holiday season is here!

It’s that time again! Who doesn’t love a cozy winter holiday? The year is about to draw to a close, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper, and you can finally, once again, gather around a crackling fire with all your loved ones. For sure the best thing about this season of the year is to be with your family and friends.

Indeed winter is the perfect excuse to spend time in a warm home, but to get the best out of it, you need some atmosphere and activities to go with it. Making a cozy winter in your home on New Years eve is really beneficial, especially for kids and family. As a first step to create an atmosphere of coziness in your home can be done by decorating your home with lights, putting up Christmas trees and colourful decorations. A sense of coziness will be achieved through by having a warm fireplace, long indoor weekend, not wanting children to spend hours in-front of the TV or the screen watching or playing online games.

It’s all about bringing back the old memories and clean the dust off the game-boards, make some popcorn, even slice some cucumber and carrots for a healthier snack and dip them with delicious Greek yogurt, get your floor cushions place them around the center table and start your lovely family time. And what better way to spend your leisure time than with family and friends, without the interference of modern technology. Other than calling your loved ones, you can also do a variety of other things to ensure a perfect holiday season. Like the puzzles that are specially made for kids, easy challenges, game boards based on animals and so many more. There are a lot of games to play at home during this season.

All that needs a comfortable floor and you know how to do that with; floor cushions should be considered an integral part of any holiday season entertaining and exceptionally a great way to bring the all family and friends together for refreshing the good old memories!

Floor cushions are absolutely one of the greatest ways to relax on the floor and watch a movie or play games with your kids. They give you comfort while sitting cross legged or lying down.

Make memories with extra thick cushions for floor. poufs. Scandinavian home decor. minimal boho chis and sustainable home decore

In the past decade, floor cushions have become an important part of interior furnishings. They are known to be quite comfortable and come in a variety of styles. These floor pillows can be used for a range of purposes and add comfort to any room. Floor cushions are getting more popular. They are decorative and comfortable, and they can be used in many different rooms in your house, even in the bedroom or kitchen. There are many ways you can use these floor pillows in your home. From a cozy corner for naps to extra seating for parties, here is how you can use them:

Napping area

If you have kids or not, nap time is essential. Having a quiet place to sleep after playing games can make all the difference in getting through the rest of the day.

Spacing area

Floor cushions are quite versatile and can be used for many things around the house. If you are cleaning the house or organising things, these floor cushions can help you out by providing additional seating.

Seating arrangement

During parties and gatherings floor cushions come in handy as they provide additional seating arrangements which look stylish. You don't need to buy expensive chairs when these soft floor cushions will do the job just fine!

A floor pillow, floor pouf , cushions for floor or round pillow has been around for many years and they are still in fashion. They can be used and placed any way you like. Floor pillows can be filled with cotton, feathers, foam or just simply a piece of cloth. You can decorate it with your handcrafts too.

You can have several different size cushions for yourself and your family. It is such a pleasure to lay down and relax on these floor poufs, that exact moment you begin to feel tired just lie down and fall asleep easily.

While you have the holiday spirits with you, keep enjoying your time with your beloved ones and don’t forget to fondly remember all those moments you cherish in your heart and make a new record of them in your mind.

To the new beginnings, give yourselves a chance to set new resolutions and to be optimistic about the future no matter what. Keep your hopes high and expectations low, go green and be friendly to the nature and everything belongs to it.

We love you all!

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