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Stylish, Versatile and Cozy: The Three Things We All Want In a Floor Pillow!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Is there anyone out there who doesn't like floor pillows? One of the most wonderful features of cushions is that they ca adapt to any style, which is why we can see these products in both relaxed and even overly stylish homes. Thanks to these cushions, you can add some color, comfort and vitality to your home. At the end of the day it is always the little things that can actually make a big difference. But this time we make little things just a bit bigger; have you ever thought of adding floor cushions to your space?

Stylish, Versatile and Cozy: The Three Things We All Want In a Floor Pillow. Extra large pouf with extra comfort made of recycled coffee bag and velvet. handmade cushions for floor. Minimal boho chic. Scandinavian style

Floor pillows are simple decor additions those can be used to add both comfort and style to any space. What's more? They double the seating area so you can even combine to make a floor seat to make the most of any space you live in. They're hugely popular in countries like Morocco, India, Turkey and Egypt, but they've been also becoming very much popular Worldwide as well. They come in a range of stylish colors and textures, and you're sure to find the perfect ones to suit your personal taste.

You can check our floor pillow collection to give a vibe that'll look magical and comfortable in any place with tassel accents and creatively recycled materials, those designs bring both contemporary and comfortable spot in your space whether carrying dinner parties to the floor or cozying up in a reading.

Natural linen rectangular floor pillows with modern geometric print. hand made pouf. cushions for floor made in portugal

Floor cushions are a great way to add dimension to any room, especially to smaller spaces. Don't be afraid to combine different elements to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere and mix and match your favourites for a truly special look. They will add a chic feature to your design style and bring comfort to your both indoor and outdoor spaces. So you can lie on it and enjoy your favourite book or take a nap during the day. Or even better, meditate and calm your mind and body. It’s almost magical how multifunctional those floor pillows are, since kids love to sit on the floor and you find difficult to place them on the chair? Since floors can be cold, so these floor cushions would be a great idea for a nursery as well. And of course we can’t forget our friends with paws those who like to spend the day on a comfy floor pillow and do nothing else but take life less seriously than us. There are also times when our guests have difficulty even finding a place to sit when the party is so good to leave. Again in such a case, floor cushions become incredibly useful when you need an extra space. Even if you live in a small apartment, these floor pillows are also a great choice for you because they don't take up a lot of space. You can easily relocate and put them away when you don't need them, making those floor cushions a great solution for your tiny home will be the best choice you’ll ever made. They are also designed with natural, recycled materials always eco-friendly and resists weather and fading in sunlight. So please have a seat and make yourself comfy!

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