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When Artisanal Home Décor Meets Sustainable Future

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Artisanal European home décor is the new eco-friendly living!

When Artisanal Home Décor Meets Sustainable Future

Let’s admit that the online market is usually full of low-cost, mass-produced items. However consumers are becoming more aware of the impact they are having on the environment by buying these products, and they want to buy handmade or eco-friendly options instead.

The reason why original designs and products are selling better than mass produced ones has to do with how they affect people's habits and perception on what they buy. The typical reaction is more positive because they are rarer and more unique pieces that stand out from the crowd. It doesn't matter if you're selling them in your store or online - having exclusive art pieces like these will make your business stand out thanks to their quality and uniqueness.

Sourcing original items to resell in online shops is a bit hard task if you don't know what to look for. So, what makes a design or product an original one? How can you tell the difference between an authentic article and a copy from the market? The answer is different for each product but the main point is that there is a complexity of processes behind an original design that makes it unique. Even if a product is made by hand, there are no two identical products in the world. This is uniqueness, this is the story that surrounds every handmade article, delivers artisanal home decor items their price and value for a sustainable future.

A handmade item is unique, and therefore it gives you more flexibility in terms of pricing. Handmade items reflect the skill and talent of their designer, so you're getting high-quality materials and workmanship when you buy handmade products. Handmade goods have the benefit of being 100% natural. This means that they don't contain any toxic chemicals, unlike mass-produced goods that have been put through a toxic dyeing process.

Product quality can vary widely depending on how much money was invested into the product. In today's market, when everyone is trying to be unique, it is important to find just the right piece of original home décor merchandise. Original furniture, rugs and lighting are all popular choices among buyers, so there are many ways in which you could increase the sales volume by offering more sustainable and better quality articles.

One of those is to offer unique pieces of home décor items. These will help you stand out from the crowd and make it easier to tell the customers that they should choose your store.

The search for sustainable home decor articles is growing!

We have a wide variety of wholesale European home décor such as; textiles, lighting and accessories that are made in Europe by European artisans. The trend to live in an original interior style is growing and buying original items has become a habit for many people. This is why it might be a good idea to think about your own choice of products and accessories that you sell in your shop on e- commerce platform. The most important thing is to find a supplier of original home décor items who can meet your demands of providing natural products, reclaimed or recycled materials, as well as products which are handmade.

Handmade = Sustainable

Sustainable design has become the focus for many people who want to make a difference for future generations. Artisanal creations allow you to feel good about what you buy because you know these products were not mass produced in an environment that disregards how much damage it does to Mother Nature. Supporting artisanal craftsmen and women allows them to continue their work, which keeps them connected with their community and heritage. It also helps promote traditional skills that are otherwise being lost as we keep consuming the mass products.

Especially when it comes to textiles and rugs, nothing is more unique than hand crafted kilim. Our kilim cushion covers, made in the Anatolian region that are mostly made from recycled rugs and scraps of fabric. The main reason that people buy kilims is because they are eco-friendly. The kilim is made out of recycled cotton materials, so this means that you will not be causing any harm to the environment. Buying a kilim means that you can show off your support for environmental causes in the home while maintaining your stylish decor. When you think of an object and then you see it, it is a form of recognition. That's why recycled kilim rugs are such a great pick for eco-friendly home decor. They are unique, handmade and made for re-use. The materials used to make them are also durable and long lasting.

The search for sustainable home decor articles is growing!

To a sustainable future where artisanal home décor becomes eco-friendly each day…

The feeling of being at ease and the comfort that it brings is something that everybody needs to experience in their lives. That's why there's always a market for those products that bring domestic bliss into our homes. And if your e-commerce store specialises in Artisanal home décor, you'd be doing well by getting your ideas on recycled kilim rugs right away!

For more information on how you can get started with selling unique pieces and other home décor crafts you can contact us via our form or WhatsApp: +351 925 195 580

Happy to be a part of the artisan community and support their uniqueness in our platform.

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