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Decorative Cushions 
Style with Originality

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Handmade with love, Made for Artisan by MF

There is a story behind each creation, Originality and Creativity are inspiring qualities that we pursue when shaping and modifying. 


Artisan by MF,

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Stylish, Versatile and Cozy: The Three Things We All Want In a Pouf and in a Floor Cushion.

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Too Many Cushions, Too Many Colors,  Still Much to Mix up.


Let There Be Light and Love | Bespoke Ancient Solid Wood Hand-Carved Table Lamps!


There’s a reflection of the redesign. It’s what brings the unity of the feelings, to make any place looks Timeless


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We are delighted with the raising number of B2B relations with retailers, interior designers and hospitality projects.
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Handmade with love, Made for Artisan by MF

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