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Our Process

The love of creating, the passion to raw and natural material, the joy of colors and what brings life into the interior spaces. The stories behind vintage souls with incredible stories to tell, the  transformation and up-cycling to give a new life. 


We are a portuguese brand to deliver one-of-a-kind home décor artistic pieces made by amazing talents. We carefully handpick our materials, look into style, originality that focus on creating articles that brings elegance and personality into your space!                                                           

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Meet the creator of Artisan by MF

From Portugal to the world - Artisanal Home Decor

There is a story behind each creation, Originality and Creativity are inspiring qualities that we pursue when shaping and modifying. The journey began in Portugal.

Artisan by MF,

Handmade with love, Made for Artisan by MF

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