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Plain HeatherV 305 - Pinkish Pearl Cushion Collection

Plain HeatherV 305 - Pinkish Pearl Cushion Collection

Introducing our Pinkish Pearl Collection of cushion covers! Elevate your cushion scape to new heights of style with this exquisite blend of beige and light pearl tones, enhanced by a delicate touch of light pink. Each cushion cover in this collection showcases a sophisticated layered design, meticulously handcrafted to infuse our natural linen with a touch of enchanting hues.


The Pinkish Pearl Collection is a testament to our dedication to quality and artistry. The natural linen fabric provides a soft and luxurious feel, while the magical shades of light pearl, and subtle pink add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. a tone that you will only find here. 


Immerse yourself in the beauty of these cushion covers as they adorn your living room, bedroom, or any space that craves a touch of refinement. Transform your cushion arrangement into a work of art with the Pinkish Pearl Collection and indulge in the allure of its sophisticated layered design, delicately enhancing the natural beauty of your home.

  • Size in cm

    30x50 cm 

  • Size in inches

    12x20 inches

  • Features:

    • Front and back natural linen.

    • Closure Zipper

    Color as displayed

    • Made in Portugal, made for Artisan by MF


  • Disclaimer

    This product is hand made.  and the back material is 100% natural linen. 

    Use the delicate option for machine wash.

    Air dry only. Do not use a drying machine. 


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