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Japandi Style

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Japandi Style,

Our life style is too busy which make it more sensible to go back home to a natural functional home yet simple with its lines.

When it come to that, it is the style that works perfectly joining simplicity and nature with the common interest of minimalism. it works amazingly in joining two different sides of the world - Scandinavia and Japan!! Yes it doest! It is the best calming fusion between those two that is called Japandi style.

How so? Well, Scandinavian is all about simplicity through the lines of interior and cosy,  the Japanese style is all about calming, elegant minimalism. These two are just meant to be together.

In the below project located in Algarve - Portugal, both styles are combined including a touch of Mediterranean style. The use of natural construction material and natural home decoration articles is what gives harmony and serenity to its final look.

The natural decoration elements are such as; linen cushion covers and Terracotta/Clay vases and tables lamps.The whole combination creates a strong relation between the outdoor landscape and the indoor interiors.

We as a brand are always seeking to up-cycle and create new original home decore articles that are made with natural materials.

Artisan by MF,

Design created by @MuhtasebFerreira interior design and interior construction.

Minimal boho chic bedroom

Minimal boho chic country house with sustainable and natural materials

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