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Too Many Cushions, Too Many Colors, Still Much to Mix up!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

From plain to colourful cushions, textured to tasseled, Silk to Linen the diverse range has literally something for every home and every room. Cushion covers they are quite stylish and also affordable accessories, which you can easily use for dressing up your home decoration and for giving a new look to your existing furniture. There are really a few things that can add as much instant joy to a room as a fancy pillow. An empty sofa or an armchair presents an absolute opportunity for mixture up a cushion. If you think you’ve done the hard work about the furniture—now it’s time to get creative with the cushion covers.

As Artisan, our main purpose to bring you the unique and eco-friendly designs as much as we keen on them to be reflect themselves as stand out pieces for any home that needs to be an original concept. And if you’re looking for pillows that reflect your personal taste, don’t forget that having a welcoming space for yourself is a joy that you will embrace each time you look at it. Thus cushion covers are both simple but also impactful way to give a stylish make up to the interiors.

Not only the material but also cushion colors and patterns are combined with the interiors, it makes the décor look original. It’s not only cushions are the perfect home accessories for transforming the ambience, they indeed a mood match to feel the ongoing seasons reflected by their Natural fabrics, vibrant colors, and smooth textures and rich fabrics like linen, silks, jaquareds and wool

Linen. - jute - luxury and sustainable cushion covers handmade in portugal

Tho it seems like cushions may not take up a lot of your interior space, but they are those comfy details that can change the mood of any place if used rightly. Cushions are the accessory for your furniture’s dress up, without their touch it would be incomplete.

So what do you think of the amount of the cushions? Probably there’s no way of saying too many cushions, but just not enough space.

After all, design is what pleases the eye and soothes the heart,

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